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We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers , and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting , making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Sean Cole

To Whom it may concern,

I am a patient of Audiology Consultants of Cortland for about a year now, and this year has been much better for me and my hearing! I am only 49 but was having issues hearing people at work meetings and watching tv with the family. Then I found Audiology Consultants... Thank you all very much! I have had an excellent experience with the entire staff here. Nina up front is always pleasant, friendly and extremely helpful. Peter worked with me most of the time, Judith was great too! Peter was very patient and thorough in assisting me with getting back my hearing in the low range. The whole process was very interesting and in my mind very complete. When I was fitted for the hearing aids I was excited to get a newer model that connected through my iPhone and that I could control with an app. Unfortunately for Peter I had to be the problem child with the pair that I had at first. The Bluetooth connection to my iPhone was giving me issues. Peter was determined to get me all set up properly. So he tweaked a few settings and I am happy to report a great Audiobook/music listening experience with my new hearing aids. No need for speakers in the car now as it (phone calls etc.) all gets streamed right to my ears!

I am happy to say that my hearing issues have been resolved by a great team who just want to help give people back some quality of life.

Thank you Audiology Consultants for giving me piece of mind and my hearing back!

Sean Cole


I have been a patient of Dr. McMahon’s for almost 10 years, during which time she has guided me with knowledge and advice through the selection and use of two sets of Oticon hearing aids with excellent success. She is always available, even on short notice, and is willing to spend substantial office time discussing any questions. She provides a wholly satisfactory professional experience in an informal, friendly manner.

Bill Hopkins, Homer, NY

Honey, could you turn the TV volume down, please.’ ‘You used to listen to music all the time, but you seem to have lost the enjoyment.’ ‘I’m honestly not whispering; I’m talking in a normal voice. I was having trouble hearing what people were saying, especially my wife. I was also having difficulty hearing folks in the support group I lead for Alzheimer’s caregivers. In church, I would put my hands to my ears and push them forward to “catch” more from the minister. I got so used to my hearing loss that I didn’t notice it. And then a friend of mine told me about Audiology Consultants of Cortland and Judy McMahon. She kept after me, and finally I had my hearing tested. It was almost too easy to be real. I have used my hearing aids for almost a year. They are fitted so well that I don’t realize I’m wearing them. Taking care of them and doing the minimal maintenance is easy. The volume of the TV is normal now. I hear what my wife is saying the first time around, and I’m enjoying music more than I had been. I don’t have to be so close to the members of the support group to hear them. I don’t know why I put off engaging Audiology Consultants. But I am thankful I did. Professionally and personally, it was an excellent move. I highly recommend them to anyone missing out from hearing loss.

Brenda Gorman, Cortland, NY

I am a 55-year-old woman, and I have worn hearing aids for the past 43 years. I have seen many changes and advancements in the technology of hearing aids over the past four decades. I have been a customer at Audiology Consultants since 2003, and I have purchased three sets of hearing aids from them during that time. The staff is always pleasant, courteous, and professional. They have met my needs time and time again, whether it be at work or home. A few years ago I was having some difficulty hearing on the phone at work. Since my profession was in the secretarial field, it was paramount that I hear on the phone. Peter McMahon suggested I upgrade to newer hearing aids, plus add external phone devices. These changes enabled me to hear phone conversations crystal clear! He even came to my place of employment to work with the telecommunications department to hook up the phone devices, free of charge. Everyone at Audiology Consultants (Judy, Peter and Nina) have always gone above and beyond, never pressuring me to upgrade until I am ready. They truly care about their clients, and you are always treated like a fond neighbor or friend.

Ellen Berry, Cortland, NY

I have been going to the Audiology Consultants for a number of years. I have received nothing but great service. They explain what they are going to do and why. They give you the results and explain them. I had one set of hearing aids for five years. When I started having difficulty hearing again, I went back to Audiology Consultants. They checked my hearing again and put me into a newer hearing aid. I can hear much better now. They always give me great service.

Gary and Carole Leach, Cortland, NY

My wife and I both have hearing aids obtained from Audiology Consultants of Cortland and Ithaca. We received our services at the Cortland Office, and we found the entire staff to be friendly, helpful, and professional. We were pleased that our initial hearing evaluations were so thorough and that the results were reviewed with us in so much detail. Peter, our consultant, was very helpful with the hearing aid selection process, which was tailored to each of our individual hearing needs. We were also impressed with the customer service and care provided to us during the first several weeks when we were adjusting to our new hearing aids and adjusting the hearing aids to us. Our hearing aids from Audiology Consultants have definitely improved our quality of life.

Shirley M. Cahill, Cortland, NY

After a consultation and a very thorough hearing exam, I received my hearing aids from Audiology Consultants of Cortland and am very pleased with the results. I hear significantly better, feel safer, more confident, and especially enjoy the sounds of nature I had been missing. The staff is very supportive.

Lauren S., DPT Student, SUNY Upstate Medical University

Lauren S.

“The knowledgeable professionals at Audiology Consultants in Cortland have given me the opportunity to live a happier, more productive life. They are kind, respectful, and provide services that work around my busy schedule. Audiology Consultants puts their clients first, and you can’t ask for more than that!”

Tom & Janet Jordan

Tom & Janet Jordan

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you fitting Tom with his new hearing aides. Our lives are so much more peaceful now that I don’t have to yell, repeat, and fill Tom in on conversations. It was stressful to both of us. I have to ask him now “could you turn up the t.v. just a tad” I see such a difference in him now."

- Janet Jordan

"The hearing aids are working great! Thanks for the opportunity to get my hearing back up to near normal. As Janet stated, I have to ask her now if the T.V. is loud enough for her. Glad to be back in the “conversation” again with people."

- Tom Jordan

Ianthe Warner

Ianthe Warner

"Over the last few years, I found myself asking others to repeat themselves, was having trouble hearing soft voices, and was having a hard time hearing what others were saying in meetings. When people whispered, I had no idea what they were saying. I contacted Audiology Consultants, who did a complete hearing test, and fitted me with hearing aids. They are completely comfortable, and it is simply amazing being able to hear what I have missing. My daily life has been made much easier with the improvement in my hearing. The staff at Audiology Consultants is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and I highly recommend them."

C. Jane Belonsoff

“Like many people, I was in denial about my hearing loss. My adult children, along with other family members, were always saying to me ‘You don’t hear a darn thing. You better get your ears checked.’ Well, I did. I knew I was having some difficulty deciphering some conversations. What sounded like one thing to me was actually not what was being said. I had a hearing consultation and test with a local ear, nose and throat doctor. It confirmed that I did have some hearing loss and was not hearing some sounds. It was time to get serious about getting hearing aids. I was given a list of local audiologists by the doctor. Upon doing some investigation, meaning talking to friends and acquaintances, Cortland Audiology came highly recommended. I met with Peter. He was wonderful. He also did a hearing check and suggested an aid that would be suitable for my purpose. I have been wearing aids now for almost six months. It really is nice to hear the conversations as they are being said. Peter was very patient, kind, understanding and knowledgeable. Nina is a great asset to the office as well. Any time I call or stop by, I am greeted warmly. No more complaints from the family. Life is Good! Thank you, Cortland Audiology!”

Carol Jean Hardy

“I have been with Audiology Consultants for many years. First with Judy and now with Peter as well. When I first began, my hearing aids were just that, aids. I could function without them but they helped. Now my hearing loss has become profound, and the hearing aids are essential to my being able to live a normal life. Any problem with them and I have a problem. Peter and Judy have been with me through broken hearing aids, lost hearing aids, and stolen hearing aides, and have always been supportive and understanding. They also have kept their eyes out to new technologies that could aid my unusual form of hearing loss. In short, they are wonderful professionals and I am very grateful to them for their knowlege, support, and kindness!”

Casey Gallagher, Marathon

“Although I am only 16 years old, hearing aids have changed my life for the better! I never realized before getting hearing aids just how badly my slight hearing loss affected my life. Now wearing hearing aids I no longer struggle to hear teachers in class and can better participate in social conversations without having to ask for words or phrases to be repeated. I can also perform better on the basketball court now that I can hear my teammates. My quality of life has improved with the use of my hearing aids!”

Donald and Gloria Lawson

“My husband and I chose Audiology Consultants of Cortland for our hearing aids simply because of their reputation in this area. We were not disappointed. They take special care in making sure the areas of our hearing loss are met. The product they sell is of the highest standard and has met our needs entirely. Even in a room full of loud people, we are able to hear the person next to us. What a pleasure it is to be able to hear every word spoken. Audiology Consultant’s pleasant and professional manner leaves nothing to be desired.”

Esther Twentyman

“When my family started complaining about my lack of hearing, I made an appointment with Judy McMahon of Audiology Consultants for a check-up. She determined that at my age, I had about a 50% hearing loss. I tried the hearing aids that she suggested, and after checking with her every week, I found the right one for me, not only for comfort but for clarity. I learned that there were new aids available that could be charged every night and that you didn’t need to purchase new batteries every week. I am pleased with the results.“

Gordon T. Law, Jr. , Ithaca, NY

“I have worn a hearing aid for more than 25 years. The technology and design have advanced remarkably over time since I got my first unit. I could not be more pleased with my Oticon units. The sound is so realistic. The professionals at Audiology Consultants are first rate. There are no hidden charges, follow-up support is excellent, and this firm is highly recommended.”

J. Vaughn

I appreciate the prompt and caring response I receive from Audiology Consultants and the way Judy and Peter make me feel like a partner in my hearing health!

James E. Porterfield

“Audiology Consultants of Cortland and Ithaca introduced me to Oticon, and I cannot say enough for the perfection in an Oticon hearing aid. I am on my second aid, and it is absolutely the very best!”

Jan Hesbon

“Audiologist, Judith McMahon, offers friendly expertise. After I experienced an immediate accidental loss of about 50% hearing in one ear, Judy recommended hearing aids in both ears. I can now hear again!”

Judi Hayes

“I was diagnosed with a hearing loss worse than I thought. I’ve known for years that my hearing was getting worse because I learned to read lips and I always talked to people face to face so I could read lips if I couldn’t hear them. It is really frustrating to always ask people to repeat themselves because you can’t hear them. When Peter told me I needed hearing aids, I left his office and started crying. A few days later, I went back to the audiologist and I gave them a name and they called for me and had paperwork sent to me to apply for help with paying for hearing aids. After filling out paperwork and then face-to- face interview and more paperwork, I was told I was approved. Peter contacted me. We talked about color of hearing aids and then set up an appointment to get them. I went to the appointment and Peter taught me how to use them. It was very exciting! I left and went to my car. I left there to go shopping and got to a stop light and turned on the left directional like I always do. I heard a clicking noise. I looked around to see where it was coming from. I happened to look at the dashboard and realized the noise I heard was the directional. I then wondered how long since I heard that. I can’t remember. Later that evening I was on the phone with a friend and all of a sudden, I heard water running. I asked my friend if it was raining out and he said, “No.” I asked if he was sure and he said he was. I went looking to find out why I was hearing water. I went in the bathroom and kitchen, no water sounds. My friend asked if one of the housemates started laundry and to go check. Sure enough, the washer was filling up. Again later I heard another click. I started looking around, then asked my housemate what just clicked and laughing she said the thermostat kicked in. I have lived in the house three years and I’m hearing things I’ve never heard. I am really glad we don’t wear them to bed because of the house noises. I may not be able to sleep. It amazes me the noises that I now hear and I still wonder how long it has been. I am really looking forward to hearing birds again!”

Kevin Parker, Cortland, NY

“The whole staff is awesome. Being a kid they knew that it was going to be uncomfortable for me to wear hearing aids. They showed me all the cool colors and they let me pick it out. It made me adjust to the hearing aids better.”

Maggie D’Addario, RN

“Every day my career as a nurse presents many challenges. Thanks to Dr. McMahon and her staff at Audiology Consultants, being hearing impaired is not one of them!”

Marvin Ostrander, Locke, NY

“For a number of years I been a customer of Audiology Consultants of Cortland and have been very satisfied with the service of Judy… and the office staff. Being able to hear has made my life more rewarding. Thanks for all you have done.”

Melissa Nettleton

“I, Melissa Nettleton, bought a hearing aid from Audiology Consultants of Cortland. I had the most excellent care! The lady who did the hearing test was wonderful and very caring. The cost as very reasonable, and I got free batteries. I received the name of the company from a friend and I would recommend Audiology of Cortland to anyone. Everyone at Audiology of Cortland is very friendly!"


“Hearing loss can be a traumatic event. I was fortunate to find a caring, compassionate, and highly qualified audiologist to guide me in this new world. She has the right blend of professionalism, efficiency, and humor, plus the ability to explain without tediousness. She is always available to help, and the office staff is pleasant and accommodating. If you are in need of an audiologist, you cannot do better than this one.”

Richard A. C.

When I left Audiology Consultants after receiving the hearing aids, I immediately noticed sounds that I had been missing. I could hear my footsteps, sounds in other rooms, food bags being rustled, the keys on my keyboard clicking, fall leaves being walked on, and the funny noises my truck makes. I love the difference. I didn’t really know that I was missing so many sounds. I equate hearing aids to eyeglasses. When I was a younger man I had perfect vision. Now, I can’t drive or watch TV without eyeglasses. The eyeglasses don’t cure my loss of vision, but they enhance my vision so I can do the things I want to do. That is the way the hearing aids are. I started to notice I couldn’t hear people on the telephone. I would constantly ask them to repeat themselves and would finally just guess what they said. I would have to ask my wife to repeat what was said for me. I was having difficulty at business meetings, and at social gatherings I would either avoid people or just smile and nod my head because I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Just like the eyeglasses helped me, the hearing aids do the same thing for my hearing; they enhance my hearing.

Sally Smith, Homer, NY

“I was having trouble hearing when I was in large groups or if someone was soft-spoken. I could hear sounds and voices but couldn’t make out the words. I couldn’t hear if one of my grandchildren tried to whisper something into my ear. I was frustrated and I was reluctant to get a hearing aid after watching all the problems my mother had with her hearing aids many years ago. The time came when I felt embarrassed when I had to keep asking people to repeat things or that I felt left out of conversations. I wasn’t sure which audiologist in the Cortland area to use. I asked someone who had gotten hearing aids about a year ago what company he had used, and he gave a glowing report for Audiology Consultants of Cortland/Ithaca. I called for an appointment and was treated with the upmost respect and kindness by the staff both by phone and in the office. I was given choices of style and colors much to my surprise. I was amazed by the technology, also. After wearing the hearing aids for even one day, I was amazed at all that I had been missing. When I went back for a follow-up appointment, I mentioned that certain sounds were bothering me and my hearing aids were “tweaked” by computer at that very visit to take care of the problem. I feel I made the right choice using Audiology Consultants, and I wish I had done it sooner! By the way, my granddaugher told me this morning after she had whispered something to me, ‘Grandma, I am so glad that you got hearing aids’!”

Steve Brazina, Cortland, NY

Having worn hearing aids for 30 years I was glad to meet Audiology Consultants nine years ago. We had moved to Cortland from New Jersey to be with two of our children who lived nearby. With new hearing aids of the latest design, I have been able to continue being a volunteer at Cortland Hospital. It is important to hear clearly what the incoming people want. They are not familiar with the procedures so they can get good service. Hearing is important so we do not give wrong directions or make any mistakes. Mistakes are not allowed!! I would not be able to help at the hospital without good hearing aids. Frequent cleaning and checkups at no cost keep me helping others.

Sue Bennett, Groton, NY

“I just want to thank you again for the absolutely excellent level of support that you and your staff have provided me, with my hearing problem over the last year… friendly one-on-one support with my questions, concerns and possible issues made me feel so much better… left me feeling empowered and confident about the choice I had to make, so that I was no longer upset by the prospect of hearing aids (at only 55). Helping to clarify my insurance benefit allowance was certainly beyond the level of support that I had expected. And, to be able to try the hearing aids with the ability to return them in a certain amount of time if they didn’t work out was a real comfort. I also like the fact that you have offices in Ithaca and Cortland, it is so convenient. I appreciate the time you have both spent making adjustments, so that I hear as normally as possible and in a comfortable manner. You never made me feel rushed and are always so pleasant. Without a doubt, your level of support is one of the best that I have ever seen! It has been a true pleasure to work with you and your staff in selecting and acquiring my hearing aids and I would not hesitate to recommend Audiology Consultants of Cortland to anyone! The level of professionalism, kindness and understanding that you and your staff have shown me is commendable. I can not thank everyone enough and wouldn’t go anywhere else for my hearing needs.”


"Thank you so much for your contribution to our Sertoma Celebrate Sounds Don’t Walk in Silence 5K run/walk. With your sponsorship and donation, our club raise over $9,000 dollars for Sertoma. We could not have made this event a success without help from sponsors like you."

Thomas Kaler, Homer, NY

“I chose Audiology Consultants of Cortland because of their credentials, their knowledge the friendliness of the staff, and the services that they offered. I have been extremely happy with my choice. A variety of trips were made to their office where they helped me to find the right blend of hearing levels for conversation, TV and group gatherings. The staff was always happy, friendly, knowledgeable, and interested in my well being. I really can now hear all of the sounds that I was missing. My wife and grandchildren are as happy as I am! One last bonus, I suffer from Tinnitus and have for a long time. When I wear the hearing devices I do not hear the ringing. That is pure joy!”

Win T.

I LOVE my hearing aids!! I have been wearing them for about a year and a half, and they have improved my life so much. I hear my grandchildren’s voices—I can talk to them on the phone and not ask them to repeat things. I do show-and-tell with the second- and third-graders where I volunteer 2 mornings a week. They find it fascinating and are intrigued because they can’t see the hearing aids when they are in my ears! I watched my father become isolated from life and his grandchildren because he couldn’t hear and refused to consider hearing aids. I vowed that would not happen to me! And it hasn’t! My husband and I are birdwatchers, and hearing a bird and being able to locate it helps you find it to look at. I couldn’t hear bird sounds at all. I CAN NOW! I don’t need to have the TV loud anymore! I can turn them up or down just by touching them. I turn them down when I am in the airplane, but i can still hear important announcements. I can enjoy dining out with friends because I am not missing parts of the conversation. I got my hearing aids when I was 70, and have not regretted it for one minute. Judy McMahon and her staff are wonderful, helpful, and very supportive. I am so fortunate that a friend recommended them, and I recommend them to my friends too!!